Reduction(s) Works by David Button

This body of work is made through
reconstructions and reductions of architecture within an image to create a unique format of
abstraction. These works transform the environment into an object by reducing its components
to stripped down relationships of primary geometry.
The original photo composite is made from several individual pictures, sometimes up to
150 pics for one image. After the image is processed and composed, different parts of the
picture are eliminated to articulate interesting architecture within the environment. The end
product is an abstract geometric composition removed from its context that re-contextualizes the
format of an environmental photograph into an abstract object.
The process started out as a way to create large images with a low resolution camera.
With the advancement of software and digital camera technology, more images can be
processed at a time, so the process evolved conceptually into being more about capturing the
subject matter through all of the individual constructs, or individual components that make up
the environment. Through an arbitrary selection process from the artist’s perspective, he
considers them image-objects that function as studies for potential sculptures that turn our world
inside out.

Geffen_Toilet_View (1).jpg

Opening Reception:

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 - 6-9pm 

On view: March 21st - April 27th, 2018