THURSDAY MAY 16th  2013  6PM – 9PM:


IEAD Fireworks Hardware Candy Cigarettes 229 Lungs Oil Tar Bar Smoke Bombs USA Map 10 Gallon Hat Hurricane Iraqi Map 111 Cat Heads Combustion Blunts 157 Logo Boot Optics Mushrooms Fuse Respirator DMT May 1975 Cooper Union The Tombs McKibben Street Carfire Where's The L At? Zack Thompson Street Tattoo Construction Site Brooklyn Swedish Girls Fire Robbers Weed Terrorism Doom Dance 9/11 Rooftops Terrorists Travel  London Amsterdam '93 Till Infinity Raves Strip Search Bunker 255 Juice Bar Spot Crack Weed Invaders Washington Square Summons Sulphur 

The collaborative studio of Carlos Little and David Sena present a new series of drawings along with a device for making their next series of drawings.  Little and Sena combine their individual studio practices to produce drawings which draw from on-site training in various subjects.  “Blunted Paranoia” is open May 16th through June 16th.  Contact Senaspace for more details at 212-966-5151 or