Artist Info

 Name: Zoé Thorne

Lifework: Painting, tattooing, drinking coffee and mixing cocktails. 

Thema: My painting mean different things. The "Bier-Potraits meiner grossen Liebe" Series is a ever growing painting-series with different current influences.

The Painting for the schow: "Deutsche Landschaft" projects the Anti-Nuke Theme onto the German Landscape.  By using a exsisting painting and adding a nuclear power-plant, I expressed the destruction of the Landscape through radiation and the triumpf of consumerism over nature.


Lives in: Kreuzberg/Berlin, Germany Shop: Zoes Zirkus, Koepenicker Str. 183A, 10997 Berlin

Title: "Deutsche Landschaft" ("German Landscape")


Name : 彫とも(HORITOMO)

Tattoo artist

Title: untitled 



The cat has tattoo on his back the face of "EBIS" who is the one of the JAPANESE's good luck 7gods.   


Around the EBIS mask has strange shape ball that called " HOUJYU" means treasure ball. It has a miracle power and support to our any dreams.


on the top, rlight side has a symbol of EBIS, but it up side down what seems like "Radioactivity symbol ". 

Lives in:  USA / San Jose from Japan 

info : instagram/ @horitomo_stateofgrace

            state of grace tattoo/


Name : 雪子鬼 ( SEZUKI ) / soe (副島 知子)

              Tattoo artist / Painter / Designer /                               

Title : the View: after the NUKE shit happened (2010) 

Thema : Even if the world will be end, but still the nature is stay in Beauty. 

             I had been nightmare , like this till 2012.                                                   

Lives in : Germany / Bremen ( from Japan / Tokyo)                         

info : www.ns7dept,com/   , sezuki/de      


Name : Chris Brand 

Title : "unclean currents" 

Lives in : Los Angeles, California, USA

info : 


Name : Lucky Basterd  

Title : unknown


Livis in : Los Angels,

info :